Madame So is a Paris-born/London-based singer-songwriter.

She makes edgy pop that has been likened to Hole, Blondie, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.

Originally a music writer, she takes the plunge as a musician as of winter 2011, performing solo acoustic sets across the cities of London, Amsterdam and her native Paris.

In 2013, she releases her full band debut,'The Sell-by Date EP', including the favourites 'Sell-by Date' and 'Dig Deeper'. 

She currently performs with her band, The Solution: David Moschini on drums, Romain Thibault on lead guitar and Jose Soto Marin on bass. 

You'll either love the catchy immediacy of her melodies or dismiss it as being too "lo-fi"… Either way, in her own words: "If I pushed your buttons, I've accomplished my mission."

'The Sell-by Date EP' is out now.

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