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Madame So




"This North London-based solo artist is intense. She’ll remind you of so many singers but is impossible to pin down." (The Girls Are)

She has been deemed to be “possibly one of the most exciting lyricists working in London at this time and a great performer with a proper Parisian edge and a twisted sense of humour.” (sic Simulated Pragmatism)

You’ll either love the catchy immediacy of her melodies or dismiss it as too lo-fi… Either way, in her own words: “If I pushed your buttons, I’ve accomplished my mission.”

Madame So Abstract Paint Effect Image




After a prolific few months, which saw her release the singles Generation Y, You Say and Who Are We to Judge? (single & remix) and Real Friends,  Madame So returns with a powerful indie ballad entitled A GOOD WOMAN.

The song, which was released around International Woman's Day, is about the expectations, obligations and tribulations of being a (good) woman.


A GOOD WOMAN is out now.

A good woman artwork.png
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