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I'll Stick Around 

Let’s sum up what’s going’ on: 
You and I loving each other 
‘Got to keep that secret 
‘Cause it’s not of common use 

We don’t match each other, they say 
And this you believe, and this you listen 
From now on, I’m like Mardou 
Losing her Jack away 

Wanna fit into the system 
And for that purpose you’d break off  
The building of our love 
To join the herd … 

In Olympia they looked the same, and talked the same and fucked the same  
But everywhere around is the same …  

Listen to the breeders, instead of your heart 
Their money and cocaine can win it 
I understand and I forgive 

I’ll stick around 
I’ll stick around 
I’ll stick around 

© Solange Moffi/ Madame So 

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