Sell-by Date 

Have you got anything to say? 
I've got something to tell 
If you've got anything to lose 
I've got nothing to prove 
I'm gonna do it my way 
I'm gonna make it that way 

'Cause even charity has its sell-by date 

Have you ever been ashamed? 
Did anyone call you names? 
Whose honour was it at stake? 
And now who's the vain one? 
If I pushed your buttons 
I've accomplished my mission 

'Cause even charity has its sell-by date 

(Argh! Argh! Argh!..) 

Have my words turned into your mirror? 
So what's with that stupor? 
No question asked 
And none answered 
I'm not giving in 

'Cause even charity has its sell-by date 

Don't even try to save face 
By removing any trace 
Of your very own disgrace 
Give credit where it's due 
Give it do, give it do 

'Cause even charity has its sell-by date 
Sell-by date 
Sell-by date 

© Solange Moffi/Madame So

Madame So
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