Shiner On 

Baby’s got a shiner on 
Sunshine has long gone 
Went to the hospital today 
Pretending all was OK 
I called her up to check on her 
She asked me to try later 
She says she’s doing just fine 
But I know that’s just a lie 

I know how it goes 
I know ‘cause it shows 

Baby puts her make-up on 
Shiner is still on 
She looks forward to a brand new day 
The ‘high’ way is her play 

She won’t be back until the dawn: 
Time flies even on her own 
A few notes down her pockets 
For alcohol and cigarettes 

I know how it goes 
I know ‘cause I’ve been down this road before… 

…And more, and more, and more... 

Baby’s finally back home 
Home alone but still, home 
Jumps in the bath real fast 
Her bed sheets will feel so nice 

She falls asleep with the TV on: 
Sunshine has long gone 
She’ll wake up to a brand new day 
Pretending all is OK 

I know how it goes 
I know ‘cause it shows 
And I know how it goes 
And I know ‘cause I’m here all alone, at home…

© Solange Moffi / Madame So

Madame So
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